The webliography is compiled on the basis of selected web pages devoted both to contemporary scientific studies' general issues and to the applied works in the field of new technologies. To have a more integral idea of the technological discourse, the webliography includes addresses with the information on cultural and historical aspects of scientific studies. A separate subsection contains selected links on contemporary art and new technologies.

Scientific researches within new technologies in the following spheres
American Society of Gene Therapy
Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute 
Cell Transplant Society 
Center for Computational Neuroscience 
Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technologies 
Center for Responsible Nanotechnology 
Center on Nanotechnology & Society 
CVRR Laboratory, University of California 
Drexler University 
European Tissue Culture Society 
Faculty of Systems Engineering, Wakayama University 
Foresight Institute 
Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University 
Intelligent Robotics Laboratory in Osaka University 
LISIF, Universit? Paris 6 
Machine Perception Laboratory 
Massachusetts General Hospital Moscow Institute of Transplantology and Artificial Organs 
National Robotics Engineering Consortium 
New Neuroscience Technologies 
Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative 
Quate at Stanford MEM's 
Sandia National Laboratories 
Small Times Inc 
The Human Cloning Foundation 
The Institute for Molecular Manufacturing 
The MIT Media Lab 
The National Cell Culture Center 
The Roslin Institute 
The Tissue Engineering Pages 
Tissue and Cell Engineering Society 
Tissue Engineering & Organ Fabrication Laboratory 
UC Biotech at The University of California, Berkeley 
UK Centre for Tissue Engineering 

Scientific magazines
Advanced Robotic Systems 
Artificial Life 
Biotechnology, biomedical research/life sciences 
Cell Transplant Society
Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science /
Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archive
Computer Journal 
Directory of Computing Science Journals
Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine 
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 
Information and Computation 
Intl Journal of Humanoid Robotics 
Intl Journal of Robotics Research 
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 
Journal of Artificial Internal Organs 
Journal of Complexity 
New Scientist 
Stem Cells
Theoretical Informatics and Applications 

Experimental Media Festivals & Shows & Institutions
Ars Electronica 
Art Futura 
Artefact Festival 
Belluard Bollwerk International Festival
Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth 
Boston Cyberarts Festival 
Capsula (Science, Art, Nature) 
Electrohype (Computer Arts) 
Elektra «Digital Art Festival» 
Gwangju Biennale 
Innovation Lab 
Institute for the Unstable Media 
International Festival for Contemporary Media Art 
International Media Art Biennale 
International Symposium of Interactive Media Design 
ISEA (Inter-Society for The Electronic Arts) 
Japan Media Arts Plaza 
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art 
Machine Project 
MLAC Museo Laboratorio DArte Contemporanea 
Neruo Show (Caltech Art Show) 
New Langton Arts 
Oakland Museum 
Planetary Collegium 
Strange Attractors: charm between art and science
STRP Art & Technology Festival 
The Exploratorium 
The SIGGRAPH Art Shows 
VIDA (International Competition on Art and Artificial Life) 
Virtual Platform
ZKM Media Museum